a few words about us

Here at Rostra Vernatherm we manufacture thermally activated controls for various industrial markets; aerospace being our largest industry served. We are based out of Bristol, CT USA (Home of ESPN) and are proud to serve as a US manufacturer. Our products are engineered, machined, and assembled in our own 30,000 square foot facility, neighboring OTIS Elevator in one of Bristol's "technology parks". We have a lengthy history that spans over 80 years with manufacturing thermal actuators, and thermostats. Rostra Vernatherm originated from Scovill Brass which was located in Waterbury, CT the "Brass City".

We have grown considerably in size since our Scovill days in Waterbury. Our thermal controls are utilized by a large majority of commercial jets, military vehicles, drones, and more. We offer a broad range of thermal control products, and machined aerospace manifolds. A large portion of our business is within the aerospace industry however we also serve many other industrial sectors.

We are an ISO and AS Certified Manufacturer:

ISO 9001:2008 is an international quality standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), a worldwide federation of national standards bodies representing some 130 countries.

AS 9100: Aerospace Quality System Standard; Safety, airworthiness, product conformity and reliability are all key aspects of AS9100, the aerospace quality standard. These quality requirements are crucial to aerospace OEMs, which maintain high levels of liability for their product standard.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defines individual manufacturing approvals through its Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and laws mandating compliance. Subsequently, AS9100 is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for doing production in the aerospace business, as many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) only work with suppliers that are certified to the aerospace standard.

what we offer

  • 1
    Thermally Controlled Valves.
    Our thermally controlled valves modulate flow between ports based upon thermal properties inside your system.
  • 2
    Pressure & Thermal Relief Valves.
    Our pressure relief valves come in many styles and relief pressures, along side our thermal relief valves which purge fluid based upon temperature. Both pressure and temp sensing abilities can be combined into one valve.
  • 3
    Custom Machined Valve Housings.
    Not all valves have standard bodies to contain their internal parts, we can custom machine any valve housing you need for your specific application.
  • 4
    Electro-Mechanical Thermostats.
    Working off of simple expansion / contraction principals, these thermostats regulate thermal properties within a system by connecting or disconecting an electrical circuit by temperature. There are fixed units, along with adjustable units.
  • 5
    Immersion Heaters & Controls.
    Immersion Heaters, Heating Elements, and Controls provide accurate heating solutions in addition to control through thermostats. Our immersion heaters, custom heating elements, and thermostatic controls are made in house in Bristol, CT USA.