CNC Machined Valve Manifolds (Aerospace Manfiolds)

A valve manifold (valve housing) is a CNC machined containment device that internally contains a wax motor and valve components. Typically valve manifolds are used to control fluids by sensing thermal levels and or pressure levels within an application.

Port Options: Determined by the needs of the customer and typically ranging between 2 and 4 ports. Male and female ports are possible in a variety of standards, and custom options.

Typical Materials: Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

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General Information

Manifolds are simply machined housings that contain valve and or actuator (wax motor) technology. These necessary components provide the environment for our valves and actuators. Manifolds are machined to provide proper porting that will ensure compatibility within your system, fluid control ports can be machined in any configuration you require.

Multi axis & Five Axis CNC Machining

We have an array of state-of-the-art CNC machining centers ranging from 3 to 5 axis that enables us to machine without limitations. Typically our manifolds are machined out of aluminum however we are able to process other types of material.

CAD CAm Capabilities

We utilize Solidworks for three dimensional modeling in conjunction with the latest build of MasterCAM to generate our machine instruction and implement rigorous quality control standards aligned with ISO, and AS certification boards. Rostra Vernatherm is a certified ISO 9001 and AS9100 US manufacturer.


We will gladly machine your pre-designed manifold however we can easily design one for your application if you do not have one. Customization is inherent with our technology as each customer's application is unique.

Engineering Assistance

If you are unsure of what you need simply let our team of engineers work with you to solve your problems. Prior to any commitment we can provide samples for you to evaluate and qualify, giving you the confidence needed to move forward with your project.


When requesting a quote simply let us know you are interested in our technology and in general what you are looking for in terms of a solution and our engineers will guide you the rest of the way.



How manifolds function (generalized)

Valve state: Opened - The valve will bypass the cooler when the fluid is cool enough as per customer spec. Pressure differential between the cooler and the bypass enables the bypass to occur without additional components.

  Valve state: Closed - When system fluid requires cooling the valve closes automatically. Fluid must flow through the cooler when the valve is closed. The chilled fluid crosses over the sensing unit of the valve and out into the system.   Valve state: Opened - This diagram demonstrates a hypothetical situation where the cooler is blocked causing the pressure relief function to be activated which prevents damage to the system.
cold manifold   hot manifold   blocked exchanger

manifolds Examples (non specific)

Multi Port - Five Axis Milled Multi Port - 4 Axis Milled Multi Port - 3 Axis Milled Multi Port - 5 Axis Milled Multi Port - 4 Axis Milled